Our Farmer's Blend Topsoil is a mixture of our screened topsoil and horse manure from a local farm in Middletown. This product will definitely help you grow anything from tulips to tomatoes! 

Our screened sand is coarse granular
sand that drains well. It's great for 
using underneath paving stones and 
mixing with cement. 

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Screened Topsoil/Loam

Screened Compost

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Concrete/Screened Sand

Topsoil has a high concentration 
of organic matter. Our premium organic topsoil is most commonly used for improving 
lawns and gardens. Our Screened Loam is our topsoil mixed with compost.

Our Compost is made up of a decayed 
organic material that will help any type of plant grow by adding the necessary 
nutrients to your lawn or garden.

This product has multiple uses ranging from creating a level surface to serve as a base for your newest project to surrounding utility pipes.

Bedding/Utility Sand

Mason/Pool Sand

Installation Available!

Mason or Pool sand is a finer granulated sand than our concrete sand and is primarily used underneath paver walkways. this sand is ideal for any masonry project across the board!



Farmer's Blend Topsoil