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Our color-enhanced Chocolate Mulch is made from locally grown natural hardwoods. It is double ground to ensure premium grain and texture. The rich brown color will add a natural look to any landscape.

Ruby Red

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Natural New England Blend

Our natural cedar mulch repels insects, and is resistant against rot and decay. The natural cedar absorbs water and reduces the growth of weeds. Not to mention the cedar will provide a beautiful aroma  in your mulch bed.


Our midnight mulch is our color enhanced dyed black mulch that is composed from natural hardwoods. The popularity of the midnight mulch has skyrocketed over the past year due to its elegant and classy look. This mulch is 100% eco-friendly and will add a nice touch to your gardens and flower beds.

Our enhanced red mulch is made from
the same hardwood and pigments as our other dye enhanced yield. Our
red will add a pleasant touch to all 
commercial and residential projects
and is 100% eco-friendly.

Our all natural New England Blend gets its dark brown color from the nutrient rich compost that is mixed in with it. This product is excellent for flower beds and even better, it won't hurt your wallet!

Natural Cedar

Midnight Black

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Chocolate Brown