Our 1 1/4" Berkshire Blend is a newer addition to our collection. It is a beautiful mix of cool earthtones that will catchyour neighbor's eye.

This local stone is sent through a 1" screen and is incredibly admired across New England. This smooth,round, stone is great for
walkways and decoration.

Our 2-3" rounded stone looks great around ponds, pools, walkways and more. It will provide a natural, clean look to any landscape! We also now carry this in 3-5"

Native River Round

This is an extra light, multi-colored stone that contains a variety of shapes and sizes. Firelite will bring warmth and character to any commercial or residential landscape.

Berkshire Blend

This 3/4" elegant stone will be sure to grab your attention. Its low maintenance qualities will present a long lasting decorative finish to your landscape.

Our 2-4" Baltimore Blend is a premium decorative stone that comes from a quarry in Maryland. This stone has wonderful warm tones in it and has splashes of pure white stone which provides beautiful contrast.

We carry a variety of boulders ranging in size, shape and color. Boulders make for wonderful yard accents, attractive property markers and more!


New England Round

Our 3/8" Brook Stone is a small crushed stone that will give your landscape a natural rustic look. The assortment of warm earth tones makes for a great looking stone to put around stepping stones to your pool, patio or shed!

Our 3/4"  rose crushed granite stone has vivid natural colors and makes for the all around perfect  decorative stone for any residential or commercial project.

Premium Baltimore Blend


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Arctic White

Barn Red

Connecticut Blend

*All products subject to availability*

Rose Granite

Our 3/4" CT Blend is a medium
sized crushed stone. The CT
Blend is native to Connecticut and
contains a variety of earth tones, giving a natural and authentic Connecticut look.


Brook Stone

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Our 3/4" naturally colored red stone is in a class of its own. This product adds warmth and character to your landscape, as its texture and color truly speak for itself.

Winter Blue

The 3/4" Winter Blue stone is a
beautiful natural compliment to your gardens and homes. Its
blue-white appearance provides a clean contrast around plants, flowers, and especially around swimming pools.