Trap Rock

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Common Fill

Our process is a mix between 3/4"
stone and stone dust. It is recognized
for its compaction. It makes for a firm
base when compacted. It's most
commonly used underneath
driveways, patios, walkways, and
underneath pavers.

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Processed Stone


We carry both screened and unscreened quality millings. Millings can act as a great substitute for pavement and is an easy material to work with and install!

Our 3/4" trap rock is most commonly
used for driveways, drainage
projects, and backfilling. It is our
most commonly used construction
material due to its array of uses.

Our recycled process is a mix of concrete and asphalt that we crush and sift through a 1.5" screen.

Stone Dust/Screenings

Recycled Process

Asphalt Millings

This material is used on construction projects as fill material by site contractors. It is also used in landscaping projects to obtain a level site grade and then screened top soil is added to increase land quality.

This product is mainly used to level off pavers on top off compacted Processed Stone. It's a great material to use when constructing a walkway and can even be used as a soil amendment!